Spring, or rather, Summer at The Folmar

Updated: Feb 19

Mr. & Mrs. Martin

It would have been a beautiful Spring day in April when Jess & Morgan celebrated their new lives together with friends and family. In COVID fashion, though, their big would have to be delayed to June. Handling the change with grace, these two had the most perfect day!

The Bridal Suite at the Folmar is unmatched to any other in East Texas.

Having the cutest bridal party support doesn't hurt either!

Fun fact, when Laurel & Fleur was first branded I had zero interest in shooting weddings. Here's the tea, the wedding industry is hard. It is cut throat, it is stressful, and it is a huge responsibility knowing you only have one chance to get this day right for your clients. It wasn't until I shot at The Folmar with a photography friend almost 5 years ago, that I decided this side of the business was for me. Wedding photographers put everything they have into your big day. We show up even when we are sick. We set aside anything going on in life to give you our focus and best selves. We run ourselves ragged in the worst of temperatures and conditions to make sure we are exactly where we need to be to get the shot. At the end of your big day, though, is when the real work begins. Worth it? Absolutely!