Let them be little.

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

As a wedding photographer, one of my greatest joys is capturing the beginning of a new life between two people. I could list a million reasons why I love this part of my job. Something we don't talk much about though, is watching the moment a parent gives their child away to someone new. It resonates so deeply with me as a mother knowing that once upon a time this wasn't a bride or groom, but a sleepless baby, a toddler screaming for chicken nuggets, a baseball player hitting that very first home-run in little league, a little girl at her first dance recital. I can't count the times I've had a stressed Mama apologizing for the way their kids act during portrait time. But I see you Mom. I know you're flustered and worried. I know you had a vision for this moment. I know the weather probably isn't as perfect as we wanted or maybe nap time didn't fall when it needed to. But it's OKAY. Photos are about freezing moments in time as they are. You will have a million photos of your child in that same pose with that same smile over the course of their life. But what you won't have forever...and what I try to capture...is the way they giggle when they dance, the way they play and cuddle, the way they pout when they don't get their way, or the way their curious little mind works. So let go Mama, and let them be little. I pray you embrace the chaos while the chaos is still there. Clinch to those moments and capture every bit of it. These are the memories you will hold on to forever. This is their story at this very moment, tomorrow they will be a little different. These are the days you will think of when the time comes to let them go. This session is such a great example of holding on to a memory. I pray you always remember their love of wildflowers, when the only way you could get them to take photos was for them to act like animals (literally), remember them as they are now.

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