A Chic Mood

I have to admit that going into this wedding I felt almost like a proud Mom. I love to see old friends create lives they love. I can tell you there was a time when you would find us in the backseat screaming the lyrics to Rhianna's "Umberella"..headed to check out the latest that Hot Topic had, in our black-on-black Converse or new Vans we had already drawn all over. Our Myspace pages were intricately designed, tailored to make sure everyone knew we knew all the bands that would be at the Warped Tour our parents weren't going to let us go to. Spending Summers half-drowned and sunburned. I can tell you that there was a time when we made night-before plans to drive six hours on our 18th birthday to chase my absolute wildest dream...Alex was totally on board. Always the hype girl, never afraid to darken her shine with a compliment. Though we have grown and are always in a different season of life, it was altogether apparent at her wedding that she has surrounded herself with a tribe that lifts her up the same way she always has her friends. I wish for you a life you love, with the love of your life..and a million reasons to love yourself & one another. You deserve all the happy endings!

Allen + Alex Watson